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ESET Protect Entry 1+5 User for 1 Year

The product will be licensed by Eset distributor in Turkey. 

The license period is 1 year.

Your license information and invoice will be sent digitally / There is no physical cargo shipment.


A single layer of defense is not enough for today's ever-evolving threat landscape. ESET Endpoint Security is capable of detecting malware before, during and after execution. It provides the highest possible level of protection without focusing only on a specific part of the malware lifecycle.

Our solution suite comes with the following features:
Behavioral Detection (HIPS)
Network Attack Protection
In-Product Sandbox
Bidirectional Firewall
Ransomware Shield
Advanced Memory Scanner
Abuse Prevention
Botnet Protection

Single-screen monitoring of all security solutions deployed on the network. Remote management tool that controls endpoint prevention, detection and response layers across all platforms.

ESET PROTECT is also available as an on-premises deployment

For some businesses, on-premises software hosting is a necessity for various internal or legal reasons. Besides the cloud console, ESET PROTECT can be used as a full-featured on-premises solution for on-premises deployments.

Explore ESET PROTECT features:
Dynamic and custom reporting
Automation structure
Always the latest features
Fully multitenant
No additional hardware needed
SIEM and SOC support

ESET Protect Entry 1+5 User for 1 Year

155,00 £Price
Sales Tax Included
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